Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pearl Jam then, Eddie Vedder Now...

So Eddie finished up the musical performances on the David Letterman show last night by playing a "solo" version of Better Man.  Seeing their performance from back in '96 and seeing Ed now makes me realize how I've aged right along with the band.  Awesome to see them still together and playing music after this long, some near 30 years in.  Beatles didn't do it, Stones and Aerosmith had turned into shells of themselves to the point of parody and laughter.  As PJ and Ed Ved would want, the only comparable to their longevity and relevance is Neil Young.  Enjoy the comparison and contrast between the two performances below.

The second performance is from Eddie's first visit to the Letterman show which occurred after weeks of Letterman making fun of the final chorus of Black and Eddie's "do, do, do, do, dutta, do...do, do, do, do, dutta, do" singing and where he comes out to sing just that part with an exceedingly/overly long hold of a single note...its not a serious performance but you can see the shyness in Eddie that is rarely (ever?) present today.

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