Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jet Fueled Patrol Seized in Dubai

Courtesy of the World Car Fans website comes a story of a Nissan Patrol (from the looks of this shot if the engine bay, an older model) in Dubai that was recently seized after going on a high speed chase with police there.

After the pursuit ended and the police got a look at the Patrol they discovered that it had been heavily modified to run on jet fuel (similar to diesel) and possessed a fuel tank and a special "on/off" switch for said fuel.

Reportedly the vehicle has a top speed of over 200 mph which would be quite a feat for a two ton plus vehicle shaped like a brick.  Evidently this is more common than one would think in Dubai as the arrested driver said there is a particular (underground?) garage that markets itself to the young, rich and certifiably insane in Dubai.

Jet fuel powered Patrol seized in Dubai...

Edit to add: as posted on Jalopnik and elsewhere I now believe this story to be a case of severe error in translation from the Arab news source.  The "jet fuel" in question is likely just a NOS system which would also account for the "tank" in the vehicle and "on/off" switch in the story. made for such a fun little anecdote for a short time....

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