Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joseph Kony--the Hypocrisy...

So you will likely hear about this guy on the news tonight.  He is the newest Internet/New Media meme sweeping across the globe.

Yup, he's a bad dude.  Enslaving children to serve as his combatants, hacking off limbs, raping women, displacing thousands.  Basically causing absolute havoc in central/east Africa over the past two decades despite numerous attempts to kill/capture him including the use of 100 armed American "advisers" that have been working Africa for a while now, having been sent there by President Obama.

Why are you going to hear about him now?  Because a number of people within the entertainment industry here in America have latched onto the idea that he's a bad guy and needs to be eliminated.  The Huffington Post, NPR, MTV, Entertainment Weekly and a host of "celebrities" (Juliette Lewis, Zooey Deschanel, Niki Minaj, Kim Karrdashian, Piers Morgan, Latoya Jackson, Nicole Richie, MC Hammer, Julie Benz, Kristen Bell, Alyssa Milano, Eliza Dushku, Katie Couric, etc., etc.--is there a reason most of these morons are women??  Just sayin...) have all joined in the collective outrage and called for him to be at the very least, captured and put on trial (the UN has declared him a war criminal) or, and more realistically, killed and his Lord's Republic Army eliminated.  While I'm sure these groups of left wing do-gooders would love to see him captured via magical carpets flown by angel soldiers fielding flower guns, the truth is, to get Mr. Kony you are going to shed blood, and lots of it...and not just that of his followers.

Not that I have a problem with this.  Personally I think we should fly some nice drones over Uganda for the next few months and take him and his followers out by remote--clean, effective and cheap.  So its not that I am against all the hub-bub about eliminating this scumbag.  He deserves to die.  Preferably a long, slow, painful death.  Fillet him alive perhaps??

The issue I have here is the stunning hypocrisy of these people and organizations.  Not that I'm particularly surprised...its just the brazenness leaves me stunned.  On one hand we have this bad guy Mr. Kony, responsible for the deaths and enslavement and rape of tens of thousands of people including children.  Him "we" want to string up and eliminate.  On the other hand we have Sadaam Hussein, a killer--in no less and in some ways more direct a way a killer of men, women and children numbering over a million.  I'm not even going to go into his other "indiscretions".  Somehow though, if you clamor for the elimination of one you get called a "warmonger" or that you want "blood for oil" but if you Tweet about removing the other, you are upholding your duty as a celebrity, bringing attention to the poor downtrodden of eastern Africa. 

The fact that they don't catch a whiff of their hypocrisy just goes to show how stupid these people and publications (and most of America) truly are...

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