Monday, February 13, 2012

Nissan Sunny GTI-R Wins Legend Fires North West Stages Rally

 Though a relatively poor performer in the WRC in the early '90s some examples of Nissan's last serious stage rally effort do remain running and running well.  Take this bright yellow Nissan Sunny GTI-R over in England.

It was recently trotted out for an asphalt only stage rally of over 75 miles and walked away with the win by about a minute and a half. The event contained numerous top flight vehicles including Escort Cosworths, Evo 9s, Fiesta R2s, and of course a host of Subarus.  Nice to see that a 20 year old Nissan can still pack a punch.


Timmy Radloff said...

Wow! It’s amazing that an old Nissan can outperform other cars. I can’t believe that it’s already a 20-year old car because its exterior is still as good as new. This must have been modified very well.

Nita Stelling said...

Congratulations to Tony Brady and Tony Walker for winning this competition. They sure have a very good grasp of their skills on the track. The Nissan Sunny GTI-R may also be the reason why they won the race, Tony Brady probably knows his car's capabilities, I suppose. I thought that John Stone and Lee Carter would’ve won it, but a simple mistake on the clutch cost them the title, but, it's a good and intense battle, nonetheless.

Ernest Houston said...

Wow! That is pretty impressive. That Nissan was really the underdog in that race! How good of a feeling it is when nobody expects you to win and then you beat all the others with much more hype? All of a sudden, everyone’s talking about you. Great job!