Friday, March 6, 2009

Bob Beyer Comments on Glen Helen Short Course Series...

As the Off-Road Director for Glen Helen Raceway, Bob Beyer saw his raceway be the first to run a short course event in 2009, bringing this style of offroad racing back to this track for the first time in a decade.  With the current state of the economy and numerous short course promoters promising the world to potential races, Bob seems to believe that his series and raceway offer an attractive alternative.

By the time the other series are ramping up for their first event of '09, the Glen Helen Short Course Series will have already concluded its first two events with five more to come.

Some of Bob's comments on the first short course race follow:
Overall the event went well.  The racing was good for the number of entries and the track showed a lot of great potential.  The spectators seemed to like the racing action and noticeably cheered on some of the great battles on the track.  All of the competitors seemed to have fun, enjoyed the track, liked the atmosphere and were looking forward to Round #2 on March 21st.

Even though there are a lot of uncertainties in short course off road racing right now...we are moving forward.  The Glen Helen Off-Road Short Course Series is an affordable and family oriented option for racers and spectators.  The track is fun, wide, fast and has lots of variation to it.  It was designed to be a great track to race on for productive testing/practice sessions.  Some of the top professional drivers have already driven the track and had great compliments...

Our series also offers 25 different classes.  This allows for more entry level opportunities [allowing one] to try short course racing with a desert truck or buggy instead of having to buy a new vehicle.  Former short course vehicles also have a place in the Glen Helen Series [as] there are older trucks and buggies that have been sitting and now they have a series that includes them.

With entry fees for trucks and buggies at $300, "land-rush" style starts, a track visible from all spectator areas (with coolers welcome), free open pits and free camping for race teams, Bob hopes Glen Helen can mark out its own little place in the burgeoning short course world.

Picture above is of Jose Reyes and his Nissan Pro-Lite who finished 2nd for the weekend in his class at Glen Helen.  Photo is courtesy of Mike Ingalsbee of Mike's Race Photo.

For more info on the Glen Helen raceway and its Off-Road Short Course Series:

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