Monday, December 8, 2008

Makita 5007FK 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw... new favorite tool...I love tools...I can never have enough and though my collection of tools thus far is quite limited, I have a fondness for them that I can't quite explain.

I love tough tools. I love simple tools. I love tools that do what you want over and over and can be left on the ground, kicked and covered and in dirt and yet fire right up and keep working like they were brand new...

This Makita circular saw is just such a tool. Having recently moved into a new (to me) house with a 2 car detached garage, one of my first projects is of course to remodel the garage (pics and updates to be provided in this blog soon) to provide a good home to my Nissan Xterra and other potential projects. Well, not wanting to use an axe or a chainsaw to hack up the crummy 2+ inch thick shelving/benches that one of the prior owners had installed, I figured it was time to get a good circular saw. This type of saw will also come in handy when I need to do the walls in the garage and numerous other projects around the house in the near future.

For only $99 (at Home Depot, Amazon or damn near anywhere else) this saw can't be beat. It is powerful (using the stock blade it came with), tearing through the two inch think boardwork with the ease and precision of a lazer. As some have noted, this circular saw does not have a "brake" to stop the blade from spinning once you let go of the trigger but not having had one with a brake before I don't miss it and I feel at the moment, it makes me more concious of what I am doing with the saw at all times. The LED feature is a neat little addition to the saw but I have not used it yet and doubt that I will.

The saw adjusts its blade level up and down and at angles very easily and though not one of the new fangled "magnesium" circular saws, this one does not feel heavy in my hand and produces little to no fatigue. All in all it has been great so far and couldn't reccomend it more highly if you are in the market for either your first or 50th circular saw.

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